Produce FAQs

Produce FAQs

We answer your questions about our produce.

Are your salads fresh?

All McDonald’s salads are assembled fresh daily in our restaurants.  Our Entrée and Side Salads contain various blends of thoroughly washed lettuces and greens and an assortment of vegetables based on the type of salad.  For example, our Tuscan Salad contains a mix of lettuces, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes, red onion rings, red pepper strips, and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Are there are any preservatives in your salad produce, or is it just vegetables?

We do not use preservatives of any kind in our salad vegetables.

How do you keep your apple slices from going brown and staying so crisp?

McDonald’s apples slices are simply dipped in a Vitamin C solution and packaged in a sealed bag to maintain a fresh, crisp taste.