Egg and Dairy FAQs

Egg and Dairy FAQs

We answer your questions about our eggs and dairy.

Do you really inspect every single egg before making an Egg McMuffin® sandwich?

All of the Canada Grade A Large eggs used for Egg McMuffin® sandwiches are inspected at farm and grading facilities. Eggs are washed with warm water before being inspected both visually and electronically for any cracks and flaws. Checked eggs are then packed for shipment to our distribution centres for delivery to McDonald’s restaurants. So yes, every single egg is inspected before it makes the grade!

Do you use artificial or powdered eggs in your Egg McMuffin®?

Never. The type of Canada Grade A Large egg that you buy at your local supermarket is the same type of Canada Grade A Large egg that McDonald’s uses to make your Egg McMuffin®. Last year, we cracked over 76 million[s1] fresh, Canada Grade A Large eggs to make our McMuffin sandwiches.

Why do you make your eggs round?

The eggs for our famous Egg McMuffin® sandwich are cracked into a circular ring on the grill, so they fit the round English muffin shape perfectly. That way, it’s easy to hold and easy to eat.

Are your shakes made from real dairy?

McDonald’s Triple Thick Milkshakes, McFlurry® desserts and vanilla Cones are made from fresh, quality cream, whole milk, and skim milk.

Do you serve skim milk?

McDonald‘s Restaurants offers both 1% white and 1% chocolate milk. It is pasteurized, homogenized and immediately packaged fresh and cold.  We offer skim milk as an option in our McCafé® beverages.

I’ve heard that McDonald’s puts chicken fat in the milkshakes. Is this true?

What you’ve heard is an urban legend! Our Triple Thick Milkshakes contain only ice milk and flavouring syrups.

Does the yogurt in the Fruit ’n Yogurt Parfaits have live active cultures?

Yes.  Our yogurt is made with real milk, plus live active yogurt cultures.