Meet Our Suppliers

Meet Our Suppliers

McDonald's® suppliers play a pivotal role in our success, providing quality products at competitive prices.

McDonald's founder Ray Kroc believed in a philosophy we call the three-legged stool. The stool is only as strong as its three legs: One is McDonald's, the second is our franchisee partners and the third is our supplier partners.

McDonald's Canada works closely with more than 100 leading Canadian suppliers, striving to source quality products and supplies. Together, suppliers, the company and franchisees create new products, help reduce costs and ensure our customers get the same great McDonald's taste in every community across Canada.

We invest in Canada’s agricultural sector by sourcing quality food products domestically, including the annual purchase of more than $760 million in food and materials from more than 100 suppliers in Canada.

We shop where our customers shop - our basket is just a bit bigger! McDonald's buys and serves the same wholesome foods our customers use at home, supplied by brand name companies Canadians know and trust.

McDonald's suppliers include leading Canadian companies such as Coca-Cola, Danone, McCain, Minute Maid, Mother Parkers, Nestle, Quaker and Saputo.

Supplier accountabilityMcDonald’s focuses not only on the quality and safety of our products but also on the working conditions of the people who work in our supply chain.

Ninety-five percent of our direct suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which establishes minimum requirements for employment and workplace practices. Signing our Code also represents a commitment by our direct suppliers to extend our expectations to all of their suppliers. To ensure compliance, we regularly track and assess performance with on-site audits conducted by third-party auditors, with frequency based on the site’s level of risk.

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