Meet the moms

Meet the All-Access Moms

Chosen because they represent a cross-section of busy Canadian moms, the four McDonald’s® All-Access Moms traveled across the country armed with tough questions
and a network of parents behind them. Here are your All-Access Moms:


Jill Avery Vancouver, BC

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Jill Amery is the mother of two monkeys. No, actually they are boys who really like to dress up in costumes. She is very lucky to be married to a loving and supportive husband who puts up with her dinner party chatter and shopping addiction. Living in Vancouver, she is less granola and more stiletto, but does ski and hike from time to time. (Shhhh.) Originally from Halifax, she studied at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto, and acted in the theatre for a few years before moving to the left coast. French food with complicated sauces are a passion, along with tap dancing and heirloom flowers. Seriously.

Jill acquired in 2006, and launched in 2009. Both online magazines encourage parents to be happy and fulfilled, with tips on cooking, travel and style. 


Tenille Lafontaine North Battleford, SK

Visit Tenille’s blog: Feisty Frugal & Fabulous

Tenille Lafontaine is a married mother of 3 children. She is a stay-at-home mom – a “sentence” she started in 2004 and one she is hoping to be released from in 2016 when her youngest starts school (parole for good behaviour)! 

Her blog, Feisty Frugal & Fabulous, was started in 2007 as a way for Tenille to share her knowledge of online deals, coupons and how to find the best prices on products. “Being frugal is not about being cheap”, she says. “Frugality is about finding the best value for your dollar while still maintaining your fabulous mommy style!” 

Over the years, the site has evolved to cover relevant parenting topics, travel, and lifestyle features. The site has a strong focus on product reviews on items for the entire family.


Maureen Dennis Toronto, ON

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Maureen Dennis is a busy Toronto mom on-the-go with four kids. After Maureen’s first baby arrived she was destined to start, giving new parents the tools to “have a baby and a life.” After all, she loves to get out and try new things and travel just about anywhere with her groovy kids and fun-loving hubby. Originally from Vancouver, but raised in both Calgary and Oakville, Maureen has experienced all that Canada has to offer families and loves to share her insights and experiences with the parenting community! 

Over the last seven years Maureen has worked hard to make WeeWelcome the national mom-powered organization it is today. She is especially proud of the incredible WeeWelcome team of Canadian moms on-the-go and the community of over 35,000 members they have built together. 

Maureen has become an important mom influencer, not only through, but also through social and broadcast media. Maureen is active on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and has appeared frequently on top Canadian TV shows as a parenting expert.


Karen Bannister Toronto, ON

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Karen Bannister is a busy mom to two kids. She lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario with her family, including her kids, husband and a boisterous food-stealing Labrador Retriever. Shortly after the birth of her first, Karen – with a background in Arts Management – became the editor of, a website founded by Maureen Dennis and dedicated to helping parents "have a baby and a life!" Karen tries to live this mantra every day and having a life currently means being there for her kids while also working and attending school as a full-time Graduate Student. Originally from Northern Ontario, but raised in Vancouver, Karen brings a diversity of experiences to her role as editor of an amazing mom-powered organization – a community of over 35,000 members with an amazing mom influencer at its helm. 

Karen is also a writer and her work has appeared in various publications both online and in print.